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Odell Cawson's Essentials of Oral Pathology and Oral Medicine

ISBN: 978-0-323-93549-4

Auflage: 10th Ed.

Erscheinungsdatum: Mai 2024

Einband: Softcover + Digital: online access

Seitenzahl: 592 p.

Illustrationen: 673 ill.

Verlag: Elsevier

Gewicht: 2 kg
Lieferzeit ab Ihrer Bestellung: 2-14 Tage je nach Lieferbarkeit und Verlag


The tenth edition of this core textbook will prepare the reader to diagnose and treat many different diseases and disorders that they may not have encountered in person before.

The text integrates oral medicine, pathology, and surgical and drug treatment, allowing the reader to apply diagnostic algorithms and develop the key understanding they will need to apply theory to clinical practice.

Originally published in 1962, Cawson's Essentials of Oral Pathology and Oral Medicine continues to offer its trademark easy-to-read style, a world-class collection of photographs showing oral conditions, and the latest evidence and guidelines to support safe clinical practice.
  • New chapters on pathological and diagnostic aspects of cosmetic procedures
  • New section on respiratory disease including COVID-19; other new diseases such as MPox included
  • Chapter listing adverse events
  • Information on genetic causes of diseases and tumours, along with novel treatments
  • Information on periodontal diseases completely revised and updated in the light of recent research
  • New and extra images included throughout
  • Thoroughly updated to include new guidelines, oral diseases and treatments including the new WHO Classification of Tumours 2022 terminology
  • Friendly, accessible writing style provides ready access to essential information
  • Flow charts to guide the reader thorough the process of differential diagnosis for a range of conditions
  • Evidenced-based throughout to help facilitate safe clinical practice
  • Self-assessment to support understanding and problem solving
  • Summary charts to aid learning and revision

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